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The theme this year is "GEORGIA - THE ART IN ITS LANDSCAPE".
The Calendar is now available and contains 13 stunning pictures of Georgian landscapes
taken by Peter Nasmyth - walker, photographer and co-owner of Prospero's Bookshop in Tbilisi.

UK prices including postage and packing are :

1 Calendar - £8.00
2 Calendars - £14-50
3 Calendars - £21.50
4 Calendars - £27.50
5 Calendars - £34-00

For larger quantities and overseas orders (including Republic of Ireland) please contact me for the price at : info[at]georgianharmony.org.uk.

£4-00 per calendar will go to Peter Nasmyth's charity "Children of the Caucasus" helping children in Svaneti and other parts of Georgia. Please order by Paypal, Cheque, or BACS transfer as follows:

1. By PayPal to this email address: michaelfbloom[at]yahoo.co.uk (for "[at]" read "@" in email addresses). Please also send an email order with your postal address to : info[at]georgianharmony.org.uk

2. By cheque payable to "Michael Bloom" sent with your postal address to :-

Michael Bloom
36, Withington Court
OX14 3QB

Tel.: 01235 536563

3. By BACS transfer. Please email me for bank details which will be sent individually.
When you have sent the remittance, please send an email to : info[at]georgianharmony.org.uk
with your postal address and the calendar(s) will be sent by first class post.