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Welcome to the Georgian Harmony Association website! This organisation has been promoting Georgian folk music events since 1998.

This site was last updated on November 21st 2021.

“When we as Georgians open our mouths to sing, our eyes are already searching for other voices to join. Within our music- making, the separation, loneliness and isolation of our complex modern day existence has no place. Only our love belongs here. Through this cherished vein, we Georgians carry all that we hold dear. The bloodline of our ancestors. The heartbeat of our nation. The secrets of our immortality. It will be my honour to share our songs with you.”

Nana Mzhavanadze


For all enquiries please email Michael Bloom at : info[at] or tel. 01235 536563

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Peter Nasmyth's Georgian calendars for 2022 are now on their way to the UK and I should receive them in the first week of December. I am now ready to take orders to be despatched as soon as they are available. This is the second National Trust of Georgia calendar and £4 from each calendar will go to help save historic buildings and countryside in Georgia. The Trust's website is here:

The images show the beautiful architecture and landscape of Georgia. Once again the Covid situation has led to increased shipping costs from Georgia. The basic price per calendar is £7 as it was last year but postage has increased slightly so prices including postage and packing within the UK are now:

1 Calendar : £9.50
2 Calendars sent together : £17.00
3 Calendars sent together : £24.50
4 Calendars sent together : £32.00
5 Calendars sent together : £39.50

For larger quantities and overseas orders (including Republic of Ireland) please contact : info[at]
for the price.

Please order by Paypal, Cheque, or BACS transfer as follows:

1. By PayPal to Michael Bloom at this email address : michaelfbloom[at]
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Michael Bloom
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"Voices Of The Ancestors" is a project launched by Susan Thompson and Holly Taylor-Zuntz in October 2020 about Georgian polyphonic songs and the women who sing them. I believe men will follow later! They are producing a series of podcasts including interviews with singers and teachers together with examples of their songs. The latest, Podcast No. 6, features Magda Kevlishvili, widow of Gigi Garakanidze and daughter-in-law of the late Edisher Garakanidze who first brought Georgian singing to the UK. Amongst other things, Magda talks about the Christmas and New Year "Alilo" tradition. The podcast can be found here :

together with all previous podcasts and much more information about the project. There are also links to videos of Georgian choirs, including Edisher's choir Mtiebi, singing songs and performing rituals associated with them.
You can join the mailing list here to receive information when a new podcast is available :



No forthcoming events at present.


The biennial Symposium on Polyphony went online in 2020 and a member of the Melbourne Georgian Choir in Australia, Roger King, had the brilliant idea of creating an online concert from videos of choirs around the world. It is beautifully and imaginatively created and well worth spending an hour watching. The pandemic even spawned three new online choirs: Coronas Kvartetti, Zoomis Sopeli (village) and Nino Naneishvili's online workshop group. You can find the concert here:


Due to coronavirus the singing holidays planned for 2021 were cancelled but it is hoped the programme can resume in 2022. Details will be posted here when available.


Following the sad death of Gigi Garakanidze in 2012 at the tragically early age of 30, his choir MTIEBI and youth choir AMER-IMERI are going strong and developing new material, led by his wife Magda (Kevlishvili) and other choir members. Gigi's father Edisher was one of the first teachers to bring Georgian singing to this country, and it was he who introduced many of the songs we now sing. Tragically, Edisher died in a road accident in Georgia in 1998 together with his wife Nino and daughter Marika. Gigi was the only survivor but was badly injured, and this may well have contributed to his early death. After recovering in 1999 he re-formed Mtiebi with members of Edisher's youth choir Amer-Imeri as well as some of the older members of the original choir, and put into effect Edisher's vision of a folk theatre with songs sung in the context of the scenarios in which they are used in Georgia. Gigi came to the UK several times, both with Mtiebi and alone, and some of you may have seen their excellent performances or attended one of his workshops. Gigi and Magda's son Ilia was born on Christmas Day, December 25th, 2011. He is doing well and seems to have inherited the family's musical talent.

Gigi had not only a deep knowledge of Georgian song but a gentle and open spirit. He will be greatly missed both personally and for his great contribution to Georgian singing in Georgia and abroad. Here is a picture of Gigi and Magda taken when my wife Eliso and I visited them in September 2011, shortly before Ilia was born.


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(The GEORGIAN HARMONY ASSOCIATION was started by Michael Bloom in 1998, following Edisher Garakanidze's tragic death. This website is dedicated to Edisher's memory.)