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About Michael Bloom
(founder of the Georgian Harmony Association, UK)

Sings in the London Georgian Choir “Maspindzeli” and is the United Kingdom representative of the International Centre for Georgian Folk Song. He first heard Georgian singing when on a visit to Tbilisi in 1988, but was not until 1995 when Edisher Garakanidze and Joseph Jordania made a visit to Britain, that he began to study it seriously. Between then and 1997 he attended many of Edisher's workshops. Following Edisher's tragic death in 1998 he founded the Georgian Harmony Association to ensure that Edisher's work in Britain would continue, and this organisation has involved in several visits by Georgian choirs and music teachers including Edisher's own choirs “Mtiebi” and “Amer-Imeri”.

Michael attended the First International Symposium on Traditional Polyphony (2-9 October 2002, Tblisi, Georgia) where he delivered a paper on "Georgian Singing in the United Kingdom- Joys and Pitfalls". He also attended the second Symposium in September 2004.

Michael oversees the GHA e-mail list and website content. He can be contacted at-


Tel. : 01235 536563